What is DIY Design?

Our two DIY Design packages are perfect for those who live outside the Phoenix area OR for those who are not looking for Full-Service Design.  You would rather be the one to manage your own project and go at your own pace.  You just need help with the actual design.

So, what exactly is DIY Design or what some people call eDesign?  It’s our online service where everything is done via the computer.  You take the measurements and pictures (or we can if you live locally) and then we come up with the design sending you everything you need via our management software program, including a shopping list with links to the vendors that we sourced from.  I guess you can call it design with a “click.”  We have two different DIY Designs to choose from, either Basic DIY or Luxury DIY Design.  The Basic DIY is like a recipe you follow, but you have the flexibility of picking out the specific pieces.  The Luxury DIY everything is chosen for you, all you need to do is click and buy.  I will go over the Luxury DIY Design that we took our San Diego client through.


Take measurements and pictures of the room.  We send detailed instructions on how to do this.  It’s very important these are done accurately, so that the floor plan and furniture layout will work.  Below are the measurements our client took. Graph paper, pencil, and a measuring tape is all you need.  Remember, if you live locally we will do this step for you!


Take pictures in every corner of the room, so we can get a good perspective of the space.  And don’t worry about it looking good or being perfect.  The messier the room the more dramatic the before and after pictures are, lol.


Fill out one of our questionnaires to help us learn your lifestyle and desire for the space.  This is an important step, because we want this room to reflect you, not Blooming Daisy.  Once completed, you will send the questionnaire along with the pictures and measurements to us, via your own online design studio.   We will provide you the link once you have purchased your DIY package.



This is where the fun begins and we start putting together your new space.  Your package will include an inspirational/concept board, scaled floor plan, 3D Rendering, furniture specification list with links on where to buy, decorating tips and instructions.  We will include one revision to the floor plan and renderings if you wish to see something laid out differently.

Remember, you can still have custom items made like we did for this client.  She had custom pillows and drapes made and they turned out beautiful, making her space unique and one of a kind.  Normally I do not travel to deliver the drapes myself, instead we have them shipped directly to you.  And trust me, if you give us the correct measurements, our fabricator will make them to perfection just like they did with this client.  If you live locally then installation will be included with your window treatments


Pull the room together!  It was finally time for the drapes, and because this was my sister, I decided to deliver them to her personally.  So, my girls and I packed up my car with a rod that went from the back of my car all the way to the front of my car.  I’m sure we received a few strange looks as we drove down the road with this pretty large tube going down the middle of my car sticking out between the two front seats.  I was on a mission so I ignored the looks.

The great part with DIY Design is you can do it at your own pace.  We started this project back in March and it was just completed in October.  The client did the painting first.  And yes, we picked out her paint color without ever going to her place.  How?  I coordinated the paint colors with the fabric, which I had picked out after learning what her favorite colors were.  We ordered the sample fabric then sent it to my client, which she loved.  Using the fabric we were able to pick out the perfect paint color.  As money came in, she started to purchase the different pieces to go into the room, like the rug, coffee table, and accessories.

The space would not be complete without those special details.  So, like a good sister, I took my “client” shopping for those last-minute items to pull the room together.  The trip turned out to be a success and this long-awaited room was finally finished.  My client was thrilled and loves her new space.


It’s fun to see the the 3D Renderings come to life, so we ask that you take pictures when the project is complete.  I would like to take this time to thank my very talented daughter, Katelyn Howerton, for being my photographer.  She did a fabulous job!


So, if you are thinking you’d like to take on a project, but you have no idea what to do or how to start, think about our DIY Design packages.  At Blooming Daisy Interior Design we become your guide through the endless sea of design possibilities.  We help you narrow it down through thoughtful questions, but you are the actual hero pulling your room together.

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