Online Interior Design (We do not offer this service at this time.)

Our Online Design Service will provide you with every detail you need to achieve the same level of magazine-worthy design that you expect.  If you love the idea of decorating your space yourself, but need a little guidance this may be perfect for you!

You will receive the clear and comprehensive design pack that shows you exactly how to tie it all together.  What's great about this service is you choose the pace at which you purchase and update your space.  For Kitchen and Bath Designs we provide elevation drawings.

What to Expect From our Online Design

Online Design Studio:  You'll have access to your very own Online Design Studio.  This will allow you to collaborate with us on your design.    

Accurate Measurements:  We will send you instructions on how to take accurate measurements of your space.  This is very important so that we can give you an accurate floor plan.  If you are local we will come and measure.

Detailed Floor Plan:  We will determine the best and most functional Floor Plan (two options maximum).

Custom Color Story:  We will create a Color Story (or palette) for your space, using our 60-30-10 rule, including paint colors.  We'll tell you how much of specific colors or tones you should use to create a cohesive look and feel.

Complete Lighting Plan:  We'll consider the functionality and mood of your space and create a detailed lighting plan.  From floor lamps, to chandeliers, to table lamps… we'll plan it all for you.

Conceptual Style and Accessory Plan:  We'll include styling elements in your renderings.   A "conceptual/inspiration" board will be pulled together with what we think you'll need to complete and style the space on your own.

Detailed 3-D Renderings:  We'll create a complete, to-scale, detailed, visual representation of the space.  It will be pulled together in a cohesive design including furnishings, lighting, and window treatments.  We will provide a maximum of 2 detailed renderings per room.

Comprehensive Budget: We will pull together and break down all costs associated with the level of design we are presenting you.  You choose the pace at which you purchase and update your space.

Shopping List: We'll provide you with a detailed shopping list of furnishings and accessories.  Most items will have a “Purchase Online” button in your Online Studio, making it quick and easy to buy.  You won't have any guess work on if it will fit or be right for your room.

Local Resource List: If you need a resource to execute part of our design plan, we'll connect you with that individual or business, so you don't have to find someone on your own.

Online Design starts at $2,800 per room.

Construction drawings and plans for permit submission is available for additional fee.


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