Blooming Daisy Interior Design is ready to help you create a beautiful space you can come home to after a long and stressful day.  With all the hard work you put forth, you deserve to come home to a relaxing and peaceful oasis.

Hi!  My name is Wendy Cook, owner of Blooming Daisy Interior Design.  I’ve always loved Interior Design but my life has taken a few detours to get to this point.  I was a stay-at-home mom for several years before I found myself as a single mom trying to raise two little girls.  I went back to school, received my degree in Radiologic Technology and worked as a Rad Tech for several years.  During that time I was promoted to a leadership role, training the new Rad Techs that came in.  As time went on I realized I was not happy and knew I wanted to venture out on my own and start a business.  I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit. 

I had an opportunity during this time to go to Paris and I was in awe of the architecture and design.  I was so inspired and knew I had to make a change.  So, I went back to school, while working full-time, and graduated from the Interior Design Institute.  With each class I took I became more excited.  I knew this is what I was called to do.  It's been a crazy journey, and it hasn't been easy, but I've loved every minute of it.   

I don't regret my previous career because it taught me so much about myself.  Being in a leadership role at a level one trauma center and managing a house as a single mom, I've learned it's important to have systems in place and to be organized.  These skills have definitely made me a better business owner but more importantly, able to manage my client's project from start to finish. 

That brings us to you.  Why would you want to hire me?  Well, for starters I bring a lot of excitement to this industry and the "burn out" factor is not even a thought.  I'm feisty with a bit of an attitude that's perfect for advocating for my clients.  I ask the right questions and listen to each client and what their needs are.  When things go wrong, and trust me they will, I'm able to handle the pressures of making it right.  The skills I learned in high pressure situations in the ER has definitely carried over to my business. 

Interior Design is so much more than making things look pretty, although that's really fun too.  It's about promoting health, function, well being and enhancing the human experience.  That's why I love what I do.  It's not about making a house look beautiful, but instead changing the lives of the people that live there.  That is an amazing honor that I do not take for granted.  The relationships I build with our clients are so important and I value the wonderful friendships that have come out of each project.

And by the way, those two little girls have gown up.  One is in her third year at Huntington University studying Graphic Design, and the other is studying Photography at NAU.  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.