Have a new build? Don’t forget the Interior Designer!

Have a new build Don’t forget the Interior Designer

The question often gets asked…” when building a new home, do I really need an Interior Designer or can the Builder alone, suffice?” One might think working solely with the Builder and Architect is enough to get your house complete. A big misconception is thinking that when designing a new build home or doing a full home renovation, the Builder will take care of the design end of things.

There are great contractors that have an eye for design, but their focus is mainly on the construction of the home and making sure they are coordinating the trades to keep the project moving, on schedule, and on budget. A good GC will know that bringing on a Designer from the very beginning of the planning stages will help execute the project more efficiently, not to mention make their job a lot easier. Think of it this way; an Architect designs the home from the outside in, but an Interior Designer designs from the inside out. When you have both you will have a much more functional new build home.

Budgeting a designer into the overall cost of a new build/renovation can save the clients’ money, time and a lot of headaches in the long run. It will help make the project run more smoothly and overall help keep the budget in line. Are you ready to pick out every item for your new build? I mean EVERY item… the list is long and exhausting.

Anyone who has started a new construction project knows the amount of detail that goes into the whole process. It takes many months of planning, long before any construction takes place. When bringing on an Interior Designer, they are not just there to help pick out all the beautiful finishes and furnishings in your home, but they are there to work directly with the contractor and architect, from pre-construction all the way until the very end of the project. Here are a few reasons why hiring a designer is well worth your time and money.

Reasons to hire an Interior Designer for your new build:

1. COMMUNICATION: A Designer is there to communicate between you, the client, the Contractor, and Architect. The designer is in constant communication not only with you, but they are also a direct line to the Builder and Architect to make sure your style, needs and wants are implemented in the overall construction of your home. Here at Blooming Daisy, we provide the necessary drawings that help illustrate the tile layout, electrical outlets, and cabinet layout. We work closely and consistently with the GC and Architect when designing your home to your specifications and desires.

2. VALUE: A Designer has a trained eye to navigate through the architectural plans and make sure your footprint is being implemented in your home. Not only the footprint, but they are there to catch those subtle or not so subtle oversights that can happen on the jobsite during any phase of construction. For example: where you wanted the floor outlets to be installed in the living room to accommodate your furniture placement. Do you want a king-size bed? If so, have you considered the window placement? This could be a costly mistake if not taken care of before construction is started.

3. KNOWLEDGE: A Designer is knowledgeable in design and what will look good in your home. As a professional with years of working in the design industry, your designer will know and understand how to make your home functional and practical for your needs and beautifully execute every detail and decision that is being made.

4. DIRECTION: Designers have direct access to many different vendors when picking out your finishes. Possibly giving you directions, you never thought of when deciding on certain finishes or furnishings in your home. When you make the selections for your hard surfaces with the end game in mind, like furniture, it makes the entire home cohesive and flows from one room to the next.

5. PEACE OF MIND: They are great at making you feel comfortable, giving you peace of mind in the never-ending decisions you must make. Often, we are working with the Builder and Architect without needing to bother the homeowner unless needed. Our clients hire us to handle all the details, so they don’t have to.

Kitchen in the modern farmhouse design style by Blooming Daisy Interior Design

Having the Builder, Architect and Designer from the beginning will ultimately save a lot of time and money. Again, they have different roles throughout the process of your project but work closely together to make sure you are getting your dream home. Hopefully you now see having a good Design Firm on your project just as much as a good Builder and Architect is vital to the success of any project. In the end, they want to make sure your home looks and feels great, is comfortable, and ultimately you love your new home.

We hope this information on how an interior designer can help with your new build has helped. If you’d like to talk with us about how we can help please click here to contact us. We’d love to help you with your new build project.


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