Interior Design Spotlight: C.A.I. Designs

The second showroom we are showcasing in this series is the none other C.A.I. Designs.  If you have a passion for travel and one-of-a-kind pieces this is the place for you.  I could honestly spend hours in this showroom looking at all the wonderful items they have curated.  They carry a multitude of lines, and there are countless options for a custom design that is unique to your style.


Located in the Scottsdale Design District, it’s just one of four showrooms in the United States.  That makes this designer feel pretty lucky!  The other three showrooms are located in Denver, Chicago, and Arlington Heights, with each showroom unique to its own region.  Looks like I have some travelling to do!

Founded in 1995, CAI Designs has a strong focus on imports.  Every item is hand-selected making each piece unique and not just your mass manufactured piece that you see in every mall around the corner.  I love to design rooms that our unique to my clients and CAI makes that very easy.  If you want a show-stopper, conversational piece, the only problem you will have is choosing from their large collection.

“There is an ability the design trade has to see the subtle details in a piece. Whether it is furniture, lighting, or an accessory, they know how it must be placed to make the room cohesive and beautiful.”
-Joe Caminiti, Owner

As a designer I love that they have a strong focus on lighting.  You’ve heard me say it before, and I even wrote another blog post about this.  Lighting is often the forgotten element in a space.  In my opinion, it should be the first thing you think about.  Lighting is everything.  Let’s face it, good design means nothing if you can’t see it.  Their ALA certified lighting specialists makes it a breeze as a designer to make sure I’m using the best light fixture for your space.

CAI Designs has a number of furniture lines that allow me to customise the style, size, and configuration for my clients’ home.  From exotic beds, to elegant sofas, and unique chairs, the possibilities really are endless.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for, just ask one of the helpful Associates.  They may have what you are looking for but they might have it in the back.

If you are in the Scottsdale area at 68th St. & Thomas, and would like to get out of the heat, stop in at CAI Designs.  Strolling through the beautifully designed vignettes might even take you back to that special vacation.  You won’t be disappointed!  And like always, contact me if you are ready to get that project started in your home.

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Special thanks to my daughter, Katelyn Howerton, for editing my pictures.  At Blooming Daisy Interior Design it truly is a family business.

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