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Custom Window Treatments Transform Your Space

We help you select the best custom window treatments for your home or commercial space to set the mood in your space and

make it truly yours.

Window treatments turn a house into a home. They help your commercial space exude the vibe and brand you want your customers to feel the moment they step through the door. We help save you hours of trying to do it on your own, by helping you every step of the way!

Were your window treatments one of those things you said you’ll just “deal with later”?

Window treatments are often purchased simply to remedy a need for privacy and without much thought or attention given to the aesthetics, function, and how important they are to tying a room together.

Before you know it… 5, 10, 15 years have gone by and the windows still have the original blinds and no personality.

Don’t leave your space feeling incomplete (and dare we say, boring?)!

We know how to expertly set the mood in your space using custom window treatments, draperies, and fabrics that will give your space the attention to detail it deserves.

With our Custom Window Treatments Service:

Custom window treatments designed by Blooming Daisy Interior Design's in house seamstress

You’ll have access to our design services and expert advice on roller shades, blinds, and shutters saving you hours of time.

We’ll create custom drapery, pillows, bedding, and cushions right in our own workroom!

You won’t have to look through hundreds of fabric options or books trying to determine which is the right fit for your space.

You’ll get the tools to make your life easier (and brighter) with our motorized draperies and shades.

We make your life easier by selecting the best custom window treatments and draperies for your home or commercial space.

We focus on all aspects of your space’s design and take into consideration function, type, fabric, and more! We take into consideration how you live in your space and design around your individual lifestyle

With the right Custom Window Treatments chosen for your home, you can:

  • Sleep better at night without ambient light pouring in.

  • Relax and feel more cozy with the privacy you crave.

  • Wake up to the sunrise each morning feeling refreshed.

  • Enjoy a stunning view from your window.

  • And rest-assured knowing that the space feels like you.

With the right Custom Window Treatments chosen for your commercial space, you can:

  • Feel confident that your retail location, restaurant, or office space incorporates your brand’s vibe.

  • Provide your customers and clients with stunning views that help them feel relaxed and inspired as they work with you.

  • Bring the aesthetics of your space together with beauty and class.

  • Experience the transformation of knowing that the space feels like your company and brand.

Down to the Details - We Design with You in Mind


Blooming Daisy Interior Design offers interior design services in the Phoenix metro area

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Whether you’re looking for our interior design and project management expertise, custom window treatments, or working with a builder on your new dream home, we will create a timeless design that feels like you.

We Design with You in Mind

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We create custom window treatments, cushions, and bedding for our clients and Designers, out of our dedicated workroom in Scottsdale, Arizona. We serve clients located in all major surrounding cities and towns including: Peoria, North Phoenix, and Scottsdale.

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