A New Beginning

The beginning of a New Year always brings reflection to our lives.  Did we do what we set out to do last January?  Are we where we expected to be, or did something along the way derail us, or change the trajectory of our life?  Looking back to reflect is okay, but it’s important we don’t stay focused on it.  It’s like driving.  You have a large windshield, but a small rear-view mirror for a reason.  Glance back if you must, but eventually you have to look ahead, or you may end up in a ditch.

For me, this past year has been full of changes.  Some were expected, like my oldest daughter graduating from High School… YIKES!!!  Am I really that old?!  Some changes were completely unexpected.  Blooming Daisy Interior Design was not even a thought last January, and I certainly would have said you were crazy if you told me I’d be writing a blog.  And yet here I sit, amazed how our life can take a turn we never expected.  You know what? I’m okay with that.  I think it would be boring if we had our life mapped out to where we knew exactly where we were going.  Sure, sometimes I wish it were that way, but I think God knew what He was doing.  Too much information can sometimes be detrimental.

Starting this new journey at this time in my life is both exciting and scary, all at the same time.  So, what was the pivotal moment that made me decide to embark on this new adventure?  I think it was several things really, but the biggest reasons were my two daughters.   I realised my time with them was drawing to a close.  When your kids are little you don’t really think of such things because let’s face it, it’s far away.  I have one piece of advice to those that still have little ones at home… don’t blink!    I have maybe three very short years left with my two girls and I had two thoughts.  One, what will I do with my life once they are gone?  As a single mom, approaching the empty nest is pretty scary.  What I didn’t want to do was the rat race I was currently doing.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my job, but it was just that… a job.  For some people it’s okay working for someone else, but for me I decided I didn’t want to do it for the next 20 years.  I wanted more for my life, and my girls.  The second thought I had was I only have three years left with my girls!  I need a more flexible schedule so I can be there for them when they need me, and while they are still around.  I realised if I was going to make a change, I needed to do it now, while I was still young enough to do it.

These thoughts were bouncing around my head as my oldest daughter’s graduation day was fast approaching.  What was I going to do with my life?  Ironically, my daughter and I were asking the same question.  I’ve loved decorating and styling my own homes, and when I went to Paris in 2012, I loved seeing all the different architectural details of those old buildings.  I couldn’t get enough, but never thought about turning that passion into a career.  After all, I already had a job.  Why would anyone do something as crazy as walking away from their current career to follow their passion?

After my daughter graduated I took a week off from work to finally renovate my fireplace.  I purchased my home two years prior, and for the most part it was renovated, except this very large, and ugly fireplace.  Life was just busy and I hadn’t gotten around to it.  I decided I wanted to turn it into a cozy sitting room.  Whenever my daughter’s friends would come over I was pretty much banned to my bedroom because there was no other place to go.  This large room with the ugly fireplace only had a dinning table, and it was not very comfortable to read at.  So, I got to work and designed and finished my very own sitting room.  It took me much longer than a week to complete this room, but that week off gave me the time to clean, prime, and paint the brick.  It started the creative process and as money came in I added a few more pieces.  Once it was done I was in heaven.  It turned out exactly how I had envisioned and now this ugly room I hated to go into was now the room I never wanted to leave.

Something happened during this process.  I started thinking to myself, “I love creating beautiful spaces.  I could see myself creating spaces for others, helping them make their house a home.”  As I thought more about it I became more excited.  I wanted to help others achieve what I had achieved… I beautiful space that they love coming home to again and again.  Our homes are where the most important memories are made for our families, so the design and functionality of these spaces matter.  There were so many things that came into play that reinforced this new passion of mine.  It was almost as if God was waiting for the perfect time, and that time was now.

My brother, being an entrepreneur himself and owning several businesses, was the first person I called with this crazy idea.  Of course, he didn’t think it was crazy at all.  So, with his help, and many others, I started to turn this passion into something more than just a dream.  The past six months have been a lot of work, late nights studying, taking on-line courses in Interior Design and setting up the business side of things.  Which might sound crazy but I’ve enjoyed that part of it as well.

The road in the rear view mirror is not exactly straight.  It has large turns, some cracks and yes even large pot holes.  But luckily for me, that’s not the direction I’m going.  It’s never too late to change the direction of your life to follow your true passion.  Do you have a book you’ve been wanting to write?  How about starting your own blog?  Is there an on-line course you’ve been wanting to take to learn something you’ve always been interested in?  Do you want to change careers completely?  The only one stopping you is the person staring back at you in the mirror every morning.  I decided I didn’t want to just survive life, I wanted to live it… and so can you.  I will leave you with a quote from Joanna Gaines in her book The Magnolia Story.  “Confidence is being aware of what could happen if you fail, but choosing to move forward anyway.”

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